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Project GLEAM
165 mt
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Nauta MY Project GLEAM 165mt.

After the tremendous impact on the market of the leviathan gigayacht Azzam, 180m, 94,000 hp, 30 knots max speed, firmly placed atop the 100 top yachts ranking, Nauta Yachts, who designed the exterior architecture of this floating palace, collected uncountable recognitions from all over the world, made by interviews, articles, emails and requests.

Among the others, they received one for a slightly shorter yacht, but still on the first places of the 100 top yachts ranking. The Milan-based office led by Mario Pedol, elaborated this 165m, partly inspired by the “Light” conception that the Nauta designers conceived six years ago, and became their signature on all the superyachts they design. This concept is based on what has become a trend in the civil architecture: seamless inside/outside connection and harmony, breath-taking views from both inside and out, balance and cleanliness of lines, extraordinary outdoor spaces. The blending of these key elements makes for elegance and visual lightness of the whole yacht.

The superstructure of 165m is spanned on half of the total length of the hull and the 4 decks over the main deck (on a total of 7 decks) are harmoniously shortening step by step, as in an ancient ziggurat, to form a perfect balanced volume that ascends in a pyramidal shape to bear at the summit the mast, which stands exactly on the central vertical line of the hull. Each deck has a tremendous windowed area to emphasize the in/out view and contact. Each deck is devoted to some specific functions.

The main deck half front area is dedicated to 2 Vip suites and 7 Vip cabins, each enriched with private fixed balcony obtained inside the line of the hull. Amidships is the spectacular main lobby, 150 sq. m., to welcome guests in the best way. The aft area of the main deck is dedicated to the pool, 10 x 4 m, which is linked with the underneath wellness and entertainment area, lying on the lower deck, fitted with gym, sauna, Hammam, massage, beauty parlour, cinema, casino.

Furtherly aft on the lower deck, owners and guests can enjoy 150 sq mt of open teak deck then go into the impressive 240 sq mt enclosed Sea Lounge for a drink or snack. The Sea Lounge can actually be used as a true dancing hall with DJ consolle and cocktail bar.

The opening transom has folding stairs for easy access to the water, and two side opening terraces furtherly enhance the contact with the sea and the environment. Two convenient boarding lobbies are positioned amidships to port and starboard where guests and crew can board tenders without disturbing the swimming guests aft. On the lower deck two garages berth a submarine and a fast Rib. The front area of this deck is all dedicated to crews, with 30 cabins, mostly double, crew mess and galley.

On the forward area of the upper deck, 6 guest cabins are connected, further in front, with an amazing guest observation deck, facing the bow, surrounded by 180° large windows (and linked by a spiral staircase to the Vip cabins and suites area underneath). This feature offers to the numerous guests – up to 32 – a 400 sq. m. area, half covered and half open, where to sunbath and relax either under navigation or at anchor. Further in front the helipad is actually hiding the receptacle for the chopper.

The aft indoor area of the upper deck has a nice entertainment and relaxing area with the live music of a piano and under the stars locates the open dining room, with appropriate sitting corners.


The deck 5 is dedicated to the owner, who could choose to keep all the deck for him, with an approximately 700 sq. m. suite containing beside the sleeping room, a gym, a studio, a 36 sq. m. conference room for 16 invitees, a very private owner dining room, a deck salon directly connected to a 300 sq. m. open relaxing area fully equipped with sofas and chaise longues. Or, in case, he could cut this large surface into two areas, reserving the forward part for his own use and the aft section for other guest’s uses.

On top, the sun deck crowns this 165m. The open front area is naturally devoted to sunbathing and completed by a pool. The 150 sq. m. of the indoor volume contains a panoramic lounge and bar.

All the yacht is vertically linked by a total of 5 lifts, 3 reserved to the guests and 2 for the crew to service the different decks. The total surface for owner and guests is approximately 2,040 sq. m. and for the crew there are still 1,140 sq. m. to work and live.

8 generators provide 14,000 kW to the diesel-electric propulsion motors that assure a quiet, silent and vibration-free navigation up to 20 knots max speed, and 18 knots continuous operating sped. At 15 knots the range is 6,000 miles.