Yacht Design

Nauta Design conceives on their own all the preliminary project of a yacht. This is the phase when the "look" of the yacht is born: from the initial concept, a simple sketch that often holds the core to the distinguishing features of the yacht-to-be, we take care of every aspect of the aesthetic and functional approach of the project, with the drawings of the general plans, the hull design and the modelling of the superstructure, the interior and deck layout, and the sail plan.

The next phase is dedicated to working out the executive project, with meticulous attention to detail in defining the styling and all the functional aspects, by using state-of-the-art tools and leading edge technologies.Also, in this phase a Naval Architect most qualified to developing a specific theme will be chosen according to the owner's preference. His task will be to fine-tune the area of performance.

This successful partnering of great design and excellence in naval architecture, which has been up and running now for over fifteen years in collaboration with world top designers such as Bruce Farr, Reichel Pugh, and Doug Peterson, allows each project to fuse our aesthetic and functional sensibility, to the best know-how from the world of competition.