Project Management

Both in the executive phase of the project and through the construction process, a continuous flow of information and decisions involves the owner, the designer, the shipyard, and all the sub-contractors and suppliers. Our role is to coordinate all these links, and check all the choices made, monitor the quality and the adherence to the time-plan.

After putting together the specifications and preliminary design package for bidding, we proceed with the client to the selection of a shipyard. Then, we look after the negotiation of the contract between client and shipyard, the selection of the most appropriate Naval Architect, and the drafting of a full specs describing the work commissioned, which will have to be carried out in as great a detail as possible to diminish the risk of complications arising in the construction phase.

All this with the unwavering focus on budget respect that can only come out of an in-depth awareness of the project-construction cost relationship, always ensuring the highest design and construction quality, for a final result that matches the client's tastes.