ADVANCED A80 APSARAS, with exterior and interior design by Nauta Design, completed in first position the ARC 2015 - Atlantic Rally for Cruisers cruising division" from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia.

In the first days of December the boats competing in 2015 Arc start to arrive in Santa Lucia after having completed the Atlantic passage. On December the 5th, early in the afternoon, the Advanced A80 APSARAS crossed the finish line in first position in the Cruising Division and 9th overall, out of approx. 200 boats, after having sailed the 2.885 NM in 13 days. The boat launched in June 2015, after a short test cruise around Italy, left the MED to Gran Canaria to enter the ARC. The race was a very good test to demonstrate the reliability of the boat and to verify her performance potentiality.