Mario Pedol on Cdm Experience Summer 2016

Outdoor and indoor
in a seamless connection...

Mario, we have already interviewed you about this stunning project before its launch. Now that you have seen the boat into the water and in full cruising mode, which are the three main characteristics which impressed you more of the Nauta Air 108?

The three characteristics of the CDM NAUTA AIR 108 which impress me more are ELEGANCE, SPACE and LIFESTYLE.

ELEGANCE: She pleases my eye under any point of view, the exterior design is very nice whether you look at her from a distance or when you go closer, from the bow and from the stern... we're very happy with the result. It's a timeless design, it is a seaworthy blue water yacht on one side, but with an important and well recognizable touch of style, even though she has contents and substance of a long range explorer she has the elegance of a "navetta". Also the interiors are quite welcoming, not over designed, very relaxing and inviting.

SPACE: whenever you are on board, no matter if you are outdoor or inboard, any ambient is very well proportioned, you don't feel to miss any space, in the main saloon or upper deck sky lounge, Owner's or guest cabins, and the galley as well... not to talk about the exterior! On the three decks there are some very nice areas: the main deck has an incredible lounging area with a grand staircase leading to a huge aft beach platform, the upper deck features a nice al fresco dining area but also a nice forward cockpit with a great panoramic all round looking view, and the sundeck is amazing with the large shaded area including bar and dining table, beside the sunbathing and jacuzzi.

LIFESTYLE: the cocktail of the above mentioned "ingredients" resulted in the outcome of an incredible lifestyle quality, that is to say a yacht providing high quality time for family and their friends. The philosophy behind that is the general concept of the CDM NAUTA AIR range: merging into the nature around you, by giving the same importance and priority to the outdoor living as well as the indoor living, and to emphasize the seamless connection between them.

The open transom is definitely the highlight of this project: how did you get to this idea? Is this something related to the owner brief?
This is a key feature of the yacht which is a direct consequence of our general design philosophy on these yachts. We wanted to really emphasize the contact with the sea around, so as to have a lounging area aft, in direct contact with the sea for easier and more pleasant diving and swimming. This is the basic idea behind this grand staircase which takes more than 50% of the yacht's beam in the aft area: an invitation to the sea when you are on board and vice versa. This was much appreciated and enthusiastically welcomed by the Mexican Owners whereas it's quite in central American yachting culture to anchor very close to the beaches, spend a lot of time in the water, getting up and down, and of course profiting of cocktails with feet in the sea and eyes to shore.

We are really impressed by the design of the main staircase of the boat. Are you happy with the final result?
The central staircase is really impressive, it's a feature that catches the attention of any guest on board. The request of the Owner was to decor the yacht with sculptures and objects which would remind the soul of an explorer blue water yacht, a yacht which is also meant for exploration cruises, and so to have references and quotes of the marine wildlife, following the name itself, NARVALO, the Spanish name of the narwhal, the famous long helical horned cetacean. The newel of the staircase is made by a central glass case containing an oversized sculpture reproduction of the narwhal horn, and the Serena stone steps are fixed to the glass casing so that the stairs run around it, which made for a significant challenge also for the structural side of it. Also the forward bulkhead of the staircase trunk, an horizontal staveted Serena stone full height panel from the main to the upper deck is amazing... all the staircase area is really spectacular.

CdM is absolute leader in its market segment. Three Nauta Air are already into the water and one more is under construction as the biggest boat ever build by CdM. Can you tell us more about this project?
The CDM NAUTA AIR 111' is an evolution of the 108', it's above 300 GRT, a beamier hull with similar characteristics and one meter more in length, featuring very much the same contents as the 108', for an Owner who's a real deep lover of the marine wildlife; this is also the inspirational theme for the interiors, featuring some marine and ethnic hints, and for some detail in the exterior design expressly conceived for the marine wildlife observation.

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