Southern Wind SW 96 GT NYUMBA


Southern Wind SW 96 GT

Hull Construction Material: Advanced composite sandwich (Carbon/Epoxy resin for inner skin; Corecell core; Carbon/Epoxy resin for outer skin)
Deck Construction Material: Advanced composite sandwich (Prepreg Carbon / epoxy resin for inner and outer skins; Corecell core)
L.O.A.: 29.24m
Beam Max: 6.95m
Draft: 3.4-5.5m (lifting keel)
Displacement (lightship IRC): 58.8 Tons
Main engine: Hybrid Propulsion
General concept: Nauta Design and Southern Wind Shipyard with Farr Yacht Design
Naval Architect: Farr Yacht Design
Deck and Interior Design: Nauta Design
Construction: Southern Wind Shipyard
Systems: Southern Wind Shipyard
Photos courtesy of: Southern Wind Shipyard / Rob Kamhoot (sailing)
Southern Wind Shipyard / Giuliano Sargentini (exterior and interior)